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  1. The performance was AMAZING, and so is Conchita. I think Austria can
    possibly win. The cheers from the audience have never been that loud. Best
    of luck, from Sweden!

  2. I want her to win. I love the song and the voice is great too! Flawless!
    And the lyrics are actually well written, some songs in ESC have such awful
    lyrics… 12 points from Sweden

  3. After she win.. we will see 12 POINTS from Russia… Belarus and Armenia…..
    gays who have to live in homophobic counties… but they want to be FREE!

  4. if we would not look who’s singing the voice is amazing, he/she sang
    clearly and this will be the winner, but i can’t look at him/her disgusting

  5. The most important thing is to be a human, not a woman or a man. Amazing
    voice and performance! <3 She should win!

  6. I love and watch Eurovision Song Contest for years …
    Yesterday I watched the second semi-final from Copenhagen, a city that I
    love, and I was struck by Conchita Wurst, she has a beautiful voice and her
    performance was a great show ..
    I can not wait for the final on Saturday night …

  7. For those who write things like this –> „oooh, no matter how he/she looks
    like, everyone has the right to look how he/she want, fantastic song,
    ooooooooooooooooh, this should win“: what would you do if a guy would
    appear here, dressed to Adolf Hitler, with a very very good song? Would you
    vote for him? Of course not. But why? It’s no matter how he looks, is it?
    He has the right to dress how he want! So, what about tolerance? Is it
    important how somebody looks like? Don’t be so intolerant! Leave the
    tolerant Europe!

    Conchita Wurst says that he/she „sings against discrimination.“ However,
    he/she has an arrogant positive discrimination by the hosts, compared to
    other competitors. For example, Conchita had far more time to talk at the
    green room. Furthermore, Conchita don’t want peace with people, he/she
    constantly provocates conservative people, this performance („rise like a
    phoenix –> rise like a penis“) is a clear provocation. And that’s why I
    won’t vote for this song, not the disgusting beard.

    Remember, this is a SONG competition. You should not to vote for somebody
    just because of his/her sexual preference.

  8. Co tu kurwa ma być? CZYM TO JEST? ŚWIECIE DOKĄD ZMIERZASZ? Panie Boże spraw
    aby „to coś“ znalazło swoją ścieżkę życia.

  9. People in Germany don’t care about they’re own act ! We just love Conchita
    and will give Conchita 12 Points ! Conchita is in Germany better known then
    Elaiza 😀

  10. I will vote for this song. Not because I like it or because I like the
    singer. I ADMIRE her perseverance and willpower. She has had so much
    homophobic bullshit thrown at her (mainly from eastern europe), yet she
    stands strong. Go conchita! You got my vote!

  11. Eurovision Song Contest
    Copenhagen 2014 | Join us

    The Austrian female singer with bart „Conchita Wurst“ is perfroming „Rise
    Loke a Phoenix“

    Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Second

  12. I do not for a second believe this person won because of talent. She/he has
    mediocre talent. The judges and people who voted for this person was solely
    on her gender/orientation because they want feel good about themselves, all
    high and mighty, doing the right thing. That’s discriminated against other
    contestants, in case you don’t know. I’ve lost all respect for Eurovision.

  13. Powerful words by Conchita Wurst… Winner of the EU song festival 2014:

    „This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and
    freedom. You know who you are – we are unity and we are unstoppable.“

  14. I’m so disappointed this song won… The song’s ok but definitely not the
    best one. And she seems like such a fake character. Like when she was
    getting all the points she didn’t even stand up to cheer she just say there
    saying thanks like where’s the excitement? Even at the end she just says
    thank you in such a boring voice. And she always had someone guiding her
    everywhere and holding her hand as if she’s better than everyone else. I
    just feel she shouldn’t have won but just my opinion 🙂

  15. I don’t watch Eurovision, but just listened to the winning song, by drag
    queen „Conchita Wurst“ for Austria, and it is VERY, very impressive:

    Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Second

  16. So this is how the europeans should look like in the future, omg, perhaps
    next year ur gonna need 3 tits to win this circus cuz there are dozens of
    people with greater voice, its not about music anymore

  17. Oh man! I can just picture how those rednecks at Hitler’s home town Braunau
    must have reacted. It is the big city liberals in Austria too who support
    this scheiss.

  18. I am Austrian and I am proud of my country. We had the courage to send hom
    to ESC and won that thing. We set a sign for tolerance and all homophobic
    nazi haters shut up. Conchita doesn’t care about your insults. Nobody has
    the right to tell others how they should look or with whom they are in

  19. How many people in fact know what Wurst means in german? I’m curious? LOL
    So they are putting a sausage on a pedestral. I’m sorry I could accept an
    androgyn look, something classy but not this pathetic human being who only
    wants to provoke and make all these people applause to it.

  20. Very good ballad , great digital effect, but his voice does not
    convince me, sounds to me as if someone was strangling him. The beard
    is not important, you end up getting used. Congratulations anyway.

  21. Sorry but I dont think his/her appearance would help solving any
    intolerance, brutality problem in the world. İf he wants to stand out for
    human rights he can do something „real“ instead looking like a freak . Oh
    almost forget it helped for the winning..!

  22. I think she has a rgeat voice, the song is really great, but I honestly
    didn´t expect him to win. I think there were better songs, but goos for
    her. I am happy she won. And people should really stop caring about what
    someone looks like or if he/she is gay or transgendered or bisexual or
    whatever else. Why does it matter so much to some people? Gay people
    doesn´t hurt you in any way, they don´t change anything about you, they
    just want be respected and treated the same way as any other person.

  23. really! i´ve heard this winner-song today (after the contest) for the very
    first time. i´m not much (sic!) interested in this trivia-show. but
    mr./mrs. conchita was outstanding. what a performance, what a
    digital-light-show – and yes: what a great bond-like song! so just close
    your eyes, don´t judge and just listen. a human is singing with passion.
    that´s all what it needs to get goosebumps…

  24. I like the song and the way he… I mean she… oh wait he’s got a beard…
    but is wearing a dress… OK I’m confused. Anyway, ‚it‘ sings good. Don’t
    exactly know what to add about his look. I mean her. It. Oh, never mind.

  25. My first time to watch this after finding out she won. I’m well impressed.
    And the people calling her ‚it‘ are disgusting, narrow-minded twats! One of
    the reasons this world is the way it is.

  26. What happened to the good old days where Eurovision was all about GOOD
    music sung in their NATIVE European language by NORMAL every day people?
    Euro vision today is all about rubbish music, sung in terrible broken
    English by oddballs and fruit-loops- it’s lost its touch.

  27. Marvelous, Amazing, Spectacular! To have the guts to do what she had done,
    she had proven that she is as manly as the most manliest of man. She stands
    for everybody that is different. Be it gender, race, language, religion,
    body type, height, intellect, income. Her success prove, that you can be
    different and be accepted.

  28. Terrible voice, boring song , appearance so tasteless . I see many discuss
    her trans homo bla bla sexuality, i dont give a F about his/her inner
    persona, this is just ugly for eye as far as appearance goes, mby brave for
    some, but still fucking ugly. wtf is this. eurovision , trash as usual. AND
    ..hypocrites, can u hear bad singing even?

  29. Amazing performance. The song was amazing and the voice is amazing. The
    pure fact that he or she – it doesnt matter which – doesn’t care what
    people may say about her or his appearance is inspirational.

  30. The woman with the beard only won because of the beard. And she wants to be
    a women, so why put on a beard. I believe she can sing good, but its just

  31. In 476, the barbarians take Rome and the Western Empire fell, fallen by
    the vices, cowardice and massive invasions. Over 1500 years later it’s the
    same in Europe, Those who disguise themselves as women or indulge in drugs
    and multiculturalism are examples, while the barbarians of third world
    invade Europe (blacks, Hindus, Muslims, Asians, south americans etc.
    Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.

  32. I still read the comments , and I’m really sad cuz so many people don’t
    even care about his voice, and how many emotions Conchita put in this
    song.So many people care about his look and call him „gay“ .
    Really disappointed guys , really disappointed.

  33. Excellent LIVE Performance… I’ll always have a problem with his/her beard
    Eurovision turned into a place to defend identity causes, quite sad for all
    the people who mostly watch this contest for the music.
    But as I said, his/her voice is beyond wonderful.

  34. „This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and
    freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are unstoppable.“


  35. To all the hypocrites crying about people being judgemental towards this
    „thing“ (can’t call it human being boo hoo) and being shallow and stuff.
    I hope your children someday become like this „thing“ when they grow up.
    Then we will see your true selves. (excluding you gay people who will be
    even happier xD)

  36. And again, all those hatefull comments tell us people judge looks too much.
    She can sing so good but nooo, almost all of the comments are about how she
    looks and is. Did you come here to listen to a great voice and song or to
    get attention?

  37. People are so close-minded and awful. Stop calling Conchita a „thing.“
    They’re a human just like everyone else. v_v

    Personally, I think this song and performance is amazing! And I find it sad
    that people’s fragmented views of the world are stopping them from seeing

  38. The judges voted against normality. So sad. Next year we’ll tape a penis on
    heads and boobs will serve as drums for mixing rice. This will be further
    exceeded the tolerance limit for the freaks.

  39. Definitely.
    I like this song.
    Congratulations to the organizers of this festival
    Because in fact was a unique quality.
    Thank you.

  40. RIP Eurovision 1956-2014…[*]
    Next time we will send a dog in a dress, that would really force us all to
    „question our conceptual realities“ haha

  41. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, what is this, at
    least shave the beard if u want to look like a woman ,thats just disturbing

  42. the music on background is louder then ‚its‘ singing, the song doesn’t make
    any sense and i just can’t watch a lady with a beard singing

  43. she is really wonderful, and she can sing really great! and she was the
    best of all the others! I would have vote for her even though she would’nt
    had a beard!

  44. everybody’s talking about hers/his beard okay nobody cares about his voice
    who cares if he’s a transervite or however you spell it he’s got an amazing
    voice and this is an amazing song and you people shoul stop judging i’m
    pretty sure he’s actually not much different than other people he’s just
    dressed as a woman

  45. Give her a break. She sings well. Her voice is great and she looks
    beautiful. Gender and sexuality… Let people be what they wish to be.
    That’s freedom and that’s what an industrialised modern society with human
    rights is all about.

  46. I have no problem towards transsexuals.. in fact i find some of them
    elegant.. The problem here is that she won because she is different, not
    because of her voice..

  47. This belongs in a Metal Gear Solid game, like srsly listen to Snake Eater,
    Sins of the Father and Heaven’s Divide it’s the same kind of music. This
    would be great in a Metal Gear game. If not a Bond movie, it’d probably be
    more popular if it’s in a Bond movie.

  48. He is a boy actually, and he is not gay. Search him on Facebook, his real
    name is Tom Neuwirth. This „Conchita Wurst“ is just his on scene persona,
    and nothing more.

  49. IT genderless creature unfortunately won and it sad. It just shows Europe’s
    degradation. I’ll no wonder if in a 5 years every second man in EU will be
    like Conchita. Sodomit…

  50. i don’t have anything against homosexuals or transvestites or anything, on
    the contrary, but he looks ridiculous with that beard dressed up as a woman
    and with make up.

  51. Song is not bad at all.. But this, from all other “better“ songs? Really
    Europe?? Where are your ears.. the most important question is WHERE ARE

  52. Next Year Eurovision Winner Will Win By Raping A Donkey On Stage, And
    Anybody Who Questions His Performance Will Be Labeled As An Intolerant

  53. All hail flawless queen of Europe right here. Putin and twats whining ‚WAAA
    OTHER SONGS WERE BETTER WAAAA‘ can suck on my nonexistent dick.

  54. Haha There is definitely a push for homosexuality today, some kind of
    agenda being pushed from the top. You say one thing about the GAYS and they
    team up and attack you like a pack of hungry wolves, while calling you
    things like homophobe and intolerant, all to silence your opinion.

  55. Absolutely ridiculous. OK some people are genuinely hermaphrodite and
    others are just extremely confused in a certain way- perhaps both deserve
    sympathy more than condemnation, the former more so, but to present this as
    anything other than a surreal joke is insulting. There’s definitely an
    agenda behind it- and not a good one.

  56. I’m so happy to se that the russian people don’t agree with there homofobic
    regim. The russian people voted for Conchita and wanted her on third place,
    it was their jurygroup who just wanted it on 11:th place. That give us all
    hope for the future❤️

  57. Why would you even inflict this to yourself ? This is the result of a
    serious mental disease. I have no beef for people wanting to switch sex,
    everyone should be free to do whatever they want with their beauty, but
    that ? If “ he “ really wanted to quit being a man, why would he even keep
    the beard and put make-up on it ? That’s pure bullshit. This thing is in no
    way representative of the LGBT movement. It’s a damn shame. He’s a freak :
    good for “ it “ if “ it “ wants to keep on living like that, but I cannot
    consider “ it “ a human being anymore. Seriously, “ it “ is pretty scary.

  58. This genderless creature makes me feel sick. This conchita wOrst is mistake
    of our nature. Probably it has a talent and song was not too bad, but
    victory was because of „progressive“ (disgusting) look.

  59. I think this song is wonderful, why cant you just respect her choice on
    doing what she believes and likes in her body , you just judge her for the
    outside !
    This is a song contest , the song is great and SHE NAILED IT!
    Greetings from greece!

  60. Humans are funny to watch. Warmongering, abuse of human rights, female
    genital mutilation? Not really upsetting, it’s just accepted as the way the
    world works. But someone looking DIFFERENTLY from what the social dogma

  61. Recently, Herald Embroidery in Oak Grove, Kentucky posted a sign that they
    welcome „God“ „beards“ & „guns“ there, but no gays (and foul language) are
    allowed. I wonder what they will do when a bearded lady visits them 😀

  62. Yay Austria , the only thing I know about the country is Hitler, Arnold,
    some guy that locked his daughters in a basement and now this. Does a lot
    of inbreeding happen there or is it something in the water?

  63. She is very repulsive and inelegant! It’s disgusting to see this
    performance in ESC! What the hell, Europe?


  65. So many dislikes, just because of a beard? The song is beautiful, you don’t
    have to watch the video. I think this deserved to win – which it did.

    This wasn’t vote the European people voted for:
    This was obvisly based of that each land got a jury who decide half of the

    Don’t belive me? just look at this video like/dislike ratio..

    “Demokrati“ why vote i ask…

  67. Poland should have won. And by the number of votes, it did. Juries in
    several countries overrode the overwhelming number of votes for Poland so
    that Austria could win. I have nothing against the LGBT people, but this is
    just the powerful gay lobby at work. This was NOT the winning song. But
    obviously, the gay defense force on the internet is so blinded by all this
    tolerance stuff that they just don’t care about the facts.

  68. You know as a kid after seeing a Bruce Lee movie or any hero movie the next
    couple of days I was thinking that I’d train all my life to be like them
    and I remember jumping and punching in my room all day long.I do wonder
    what will happen to the small kids that saw that…thing on TV.Just

  69. If I were a gay man or a transsexual I’d be offended. This is just shallow,
    cheap and looks like a kitsch. There’s nothing wrong with men liking men
    and vice versa, yet this is what I call „positive descrimination“. There’s
    nothing beautiful in it, there’s no „big statement“ behind it, people. Real
    big statements don’t look like that. And it is sad that modern society
    doesn’t see a difference between those two. He won just becase he’s a man
    in a dress, not because he was better than others. And I didn’t like his
    voice either.

  70. He doesn’t want to support homosexuality with the song, but with his
    appearance! This is not eurovision appearance contest, but song!

  71. Am I the only one to think this sounds a lot like Skyfall? The melody, the
    overall atmosphere of the song, the themes expressed in the lyrics and the
    way of singing… Only that I like Adele’s voice better.

  72. To those trying to give a deepshit reason behind why HE has a beard – only
    reason he wears it was to make him stand out in the music field. He said so

    I guess it’s a great substitute for talent nowadays 😉

  73. Well that song has a meaning. not like the other songs which only has
    lyrics like lalala lololo. This words make at least sense and is nice to
    listen. Good job dude/girl or whatever we should call her/him 🙂

  74. Fucking gay!!! So ugly!!!! Europe – you are SICK!!!!
    Don’t wake me up when I’ll die. Conchita in russian mean sperm in bad

  75. Im actually really ashamed to be a male after seeing the comments on this
    video the attitude towards this extremely talented and beautiful person are
    disgusting! Some people are horrible!

  76. Great song! Deserved to win! I don’t think he only won because of the
    beard- he won because he has a great voice, and it was a very powerful
    song. Congratulations to Conchita.

  77. Sorry for some which dont like but Conchita was the best by Eurovision song
    in 2014 over 1 milrd person choice them! Congratulations!

  78. All i see is comments from pathetic fools insulting a brilliant singer, so
    what if Conchita has a beard, so fucking what, that does not give people
    cause to be a total cunt.

  79. This is just pure awesomeness. This song is so epic, reminded me of Adele’s
    Sky Fall. I really thought Conchita would actually fly with all the wind,

  80. It was a wonderful moment, when Conchita won the song contest – she has the
    message to be tolerant, she has a wonderful voice, she was interpreting the
    song perfectly and she is an outstanding personality. Of course there were
    many other good songs on this competition.
    But the majority of whole Europe let her win – and I think this is
    All People, who are writing ugly comments are really poor people, poor
    because they coudn’t share this moment!!!

  81. Song is very beautiful and voice to, but c’mon, transvetite with a beard?
    Also when you listen to the song lyrics, you can understand that he/she or
    to best call – it, is singing about itself. Now in Europe we will see a lot
    of more those individuals like this. I don’t think that Jesus wanted to see
    this world full of transvestites.

  82. I didn’t even care about him dressing like a women I just like the song.
    His song and Molly’s was the only good one there

  83. I don’t really care about the fact that it’s a dude wearing a dress but the
    song did not deserve to win in my opinion, nothing impressive. Another
    thing, if he wants to be a girl so bad, why keep the beard?

  84. I’m so glad to see that she won. It really bodes well for LGBT acceptance
    in the future. Unlike most of these comments, calling Conchita a fag,
    pussy, etc., when you’re the ones freaking out over a woman with a beard,
    on a computer screen.

  85. would not surprise me if the next Eurovision Song Contest, the stage is a
    porn or animal sex .. or blowjobs,,, or Maybe dogy style

  86. Song is a bit cheesy for my taste, but good voice. She is pretty, but I`m
    not really digging the beard. But if she feels good wearing it — more
    power to her!

  87. Didn’t win because of talent.. kind of ruins the point of a singing
    contest. I just hope thay Austria (and other countries) don’t take this to
    the next level next year just for the votes.


    CHEAP AUSTRIAN FREAK,And don’t argue with these gay communities defending
    HIM in these forums and comments.and besides of course they will;) They
    were always there, in their holes and will be. and just now they’ve got our
    attention.Forget them and do not make their real GOAL happen, go live your

    I am assuring you her defenders are all homosexuals, and their community,

  89. so did he win because the song was good or in spite of the homophobic
    Russians? I can’t decide because I have different tastes in music so I
    can’t judge whether this is good or horrible

  90. Won just because „s“he’s a transvetite…
    Nice voice but we heard this kind of thing a million time. Didn’t watch the
    show but i think there was something better somewhere. I hope, cause if
    that’s not the case, then this contest is really really really the worst…

  91. Wow .. Now I am not really surprise that she or he won … I am really well
    not really surprise but Europe happy and happy thats what happening what
    feature is gona be ?? 21 century , If this 21 century that I want go to
    back to ancient times , People Europe is Full of freacks that support this
    kind of freedom … thats sooo wrong !

  92. Why people aren’t amused with this i mean is a fucking man-woman with beard
    that is so fucking weird!!!!!!! Sorry i can’t handle this, congrats for
    winning btw:)

  93. Conchita walks into her doctor’s office screaming. She yells, „Doctor,
    Doctor my breasts are hairy! What do I do?“

    The doctor asks, „Well, how long does the hair grow?“

    Conchita replies, „From here to my penis, but that’s a different story!“

  94. It’s so sad to read all these homophobic and religion related comments…
    Come on people, you have a serious issue.

  95. Song was great, epic, and made me cry. The fact that she is a transvestite
    did not even come into it with me, though I was proud of her bravery
    anyway, and of the acceptance Europe showed <3 Judging by the comments
    here, Europe, as usual you are far ahead of backwards Western thinking.
    (Except Russia. Grow up, Russia.)

  96. honestly, didn’t like the idea of this winning the contest. But the way she
    thanks in the end kind of breaks your heart. Looks to me a very troubled
    person, hopefully he will find his way in his life.

  97. Wow… the bigots are all out in full-force here on Youtube against
    I wish her the best…we need people like her shaking up the world!

  98. When I look at her I see beauty and courage. This performance is an act of
    art and sophistication. Austrians should feel proud!

  99. She was great, beautiful voice! And I am really impressed with whoever set
    up that stage! It added so much to the overall performance. Simply amazing!

  100. great example that winer of eurovision is often one with something
    different from others, even if you take a look on his „fashion“ LoL.
    Eurovision should be SONG – SINGING – PERFORMANCE content

  101. What is more interesting is that if this song was sung by a natural woman
    it wouldn’t be even in the final phase probably, but a woman with a beard,
    is another story… eurovision is nothing about the song/music any more

  102. I can’t believe the number of sick and disgusting posts on this thing. If
    you don’t agree with the imagery, don’t fucking look at it. Fucking hell
    some Americans have their heads up their asses so far, they can’t
    appreciate anything.

    Amazing performance! Eurovision always delivers!

  103. Look I see it this way. Close your eyes, forget who’s singing because in
    the end what matters is the song. The song is fantastic, it deserved to win
    no matter how she looks. I may not agree how he/she takes the lifestyle but
    I respect it.

  104. They deserved to win by far, and im incredibly happy they did. Not just
    because of the song (which was great on its own), but to really bring out
    the kinds of people that can understand and respect people like them. It
    really shows you by people here in the comments what kind of disgusting
    world we live in.
    It really shouldn’t be an issue honestly, respect shouldn’t be earned by
    how you dress.

  105. Ignoring the obvious gender confusion.
    If this is the best performer – performance, that Austria could produce is
    rather unnerving.. But then to suggest it was the best in Europe..? –

  106. Used to live there. Standard Eurovision song. Absolutely standard of what
    they like. Also, he won because he has a beard but this song is standard
    Eurovision fare. Pull up the winners from any other year and you’ll hear

  107. It’s okay that lots of people think this result has been manipulated. What
    is not though is the bigotry revealed by so many comments. Transgender
    people like Conchita are HUMANS, yeah HUMANS, and as HUMANS they should be
    treated, NOT as wild animals or ETs.

  108. Why are most of the nasty hateful homophobic comments coming from eastern
    Europeans ? Are they sore losers? Or just not as socially advanced as
    westerners? Or both

  109. Most of the people disliking this video probably didn’t even watch
    They just heard there’s a bearded lady, then decided to google it and send
    their hatred.

  110. because of this goddamn world cup the bizarre gay people of Europe will
    come muck my country.


  111. It’s a new (kinda old for some less ignorant people) form of plague of
    which some baboons here have no idea of. Yeah, just throw your sprouts into
    an open fire, that wont make any difference from supporting this.. bearded
    thing (or any of it’s kind), really…


  113. if this „thing“ is better than polish girls then i don’t want to live on
    this planet anymore… I think that some ppl need to visit a psychologist
    if they prefer to watch „it“ than ( . ) ( . )…. if you know what I mean..
    this is just wrong. i won’t watch eurovision any more.

  114. When I read through the comments and see all the negative responses from
    people, and sadly it looks as if a large portion of those people are
    Eastern European, I cringe.

    Conchita Wurst/Tom Neuwirth is unbelievably friendly and calm and composed
    in every interview or other appearance I have seen of her/him in the past
    few days, and both the song and the performance in Copenhagen were a great
    display of talent, focus and determination.

    This person deserves nothing but empathy as a human being and respect as an
    artist for this success. Being a woman with a beard alone did not win this
    contest. Anyone who thinks so can keep believing that lie.

  115. 1. I love bearded ladies.
    2. Gay or not he can sing.
    3. He has talent.
    4. He’s being himself.
    5. I love beards.
    6. Who really cares about all that gay controversy.
    7. This is a song competition, not about being different.
    8. I wonder what it’s like to have a beard.
    9. Conchita/ Thomas is just living his dream.
    10. Admire the fact he sings better than Justin Bieber, and has a beard.

  116. Soon humans will be fucking animals and it will be considered normal, I’m
    calling it… Why? Because everything what was sick and disgusting in the
    past should become ordinarily common today.

  117. Wow, Thiago da Silva sure spends a lot of time on this page as you can see
    from the comments he’s been posting throughout the entire day (all fag
    this, fag that). I think he might have a thing for bearded women! What do u
    think? It’s ok Thiago, honey, come on out of that closet. Maybe then u
    won’t be so angry when you can borrow Conchita’s dress like you so
    obviously want to 😉

  118. I should correct myself, I do not know if Conchita is gay. I made an
    assumption based on appearances which is exactly what the artist is asking
    us not to do, to not make assumptions or make value judgments on appearance

  119. Drag has been around for years guys, chill ya beans! Look at some of the
    most famous drag Queens out there, they are all so talented 🙂 Conchita has
    a beautiful and powerful voice 🙂 xx

  120. The beard is confusing as her voice is obviously feminine enough that would
    make you think she is on hormones. But, yet, she still has a beard. It
    isn’t even shaved. I think it must be a statement of some sort, but it is
    lost on me.

  121. Nothing against women, men, women with beards, men with dresses but
    honestly speaking this wasn’t the best song in the contest. There were
    maybe 3-4 better ones and the only reason why this song won was because the
    lady had the beard or the man had the dress. This is why I am quite
    disappointed of the results.

  122. Men posing as women is not new… but a Man posing as a woman but still
    using a man beard is just trying to get attention on the music industry…
    It worked. (Yes this is a guy, „Thomas Neuwirth“)

  123. Did not see the whole show but having watched the top 3, they were equally
    as good – she/he looked different that for sure, but this is one powerful
    voice! Congrats Austria!!

  124. This should be the next James Bond song, with Conchita singing it.
    Absolutely awesome song. Amazing voice. Way to go Conchita.

  125. I think we are going to the place, where in the future, when you will say
    that you are straight… you will be considered as a one CRAZY

  126. If some of you are confused out there that is a good thing. Drag is an art
    of confusion we want to send you home at the end of the night questioning
    what you have just scene. Asking you self what really make this a taboo
    thing. Why are women the only ones allowed to put on makeup a sexy sequence
    gown and some stilettos?

  127. This is song contest and not personalities, discuss the song here. For
    example I think the song is good enough but not the winning one, but she
    sang it flawlessly.

  128. When the lights came up I thought „Wait, what is tha- Wha-?! Is that a
    beard?! Wow, how progressive, choosing a bearded lady to represent your
    country…“ X)

    It took me a minute to realise that Austria had actually chosen a drag
    queen for their performance, which, I guess is even more progressive. Then
    again, you hardly see enough bearded women positively represented in the
    media today.
    But anyway, that is one convincing drag act. And he has an amazing singing

  129. The rhythm of the song doesn’t sound too original, but once you focus on
    the lyrics omg! It’s pure poetry! She also performed it perfect.

  130. I approve his singing and message, love and unitiy. But common now, if you
    gonna change yourself into a woman shave the beard too, atleast for the
    Eurovision. But like I said the more idiotic you look at this contest the
    more chances are to win.

  131. Why do people care about someone else’s appearance so much? Even though my
    country didn’t participate this year, I watched ESC and supported Conchita
    with all my heart. Congrats, you deserved this, Austria. Love from Turkey

  132. Lord Flashheart to Baldrick at Blackadder’s wedding: ‚Thanks, Bridesmaid.
    Like the beard. Gives me something to hang on to. Woof!‘

  133. Does not matter if she has a mustache or bubbies or a beard. It matters
    that she has a great voice. I do not give a s*** what she eats for
    breakfast, what she wears, what hair does she has. She is a good singer.

  134. Six Million Viewers here, #1 on Itunes in Russia and soon all around the
    world. The Wiener takes it all. Great song, great performance. What a

  135. people are so scared of things like this thinking that it’s a
    disease…honestly if it was that intense everyone in the world would be
    gay and transexual in a blink. it is obviously a small percentage of the
    population and it is a significant difference in the nature of the person
    that this is, so the majority of the population should learn to co-exist
    and appreciate LGBTQ’s just like they would to any character trait in a

  136. I wonder why people are so shocked that he won … He had best vocal from
    all of theme but people can only see that he is woman with beard…

  137. (S)he’s a great singer, we can’t deny, but I think if this was a woman
    without a beard, she wouldn’t get that much attention as she did now. I am
    just saying. I am nog hating on her, i loved the whole performance

  138. How can you people be so judgemental? ffs
    Since when was musical talent about looks?
    This is wonderful and if Conchita wants to look like that, then so be it
    She’s not an “abomination“. She’s not “disgusting“.
    She’s very talented and beautiful in her own way

  139. beautiful eyes –
    such eyes every woman wants!

    Wonderful voice –
    because of this voice you’ve won!

    Your statement –
    Europe, there is not just black and white.
    It is right to live and love as you want it!

    We love you, Conchita!

  140. You’re all just jealous that Conchita is more beautiful both as a man AND
    as a woman than you 🙂 AND she can sing better than anyone else in that
    competition this year.

  141. There were so much better songs, he won because he’s the face of 21st
    century in modern world… For my opinion he would be maybe 4th not more.
    I’m not hating anybody, just saying that this is not song for the 1st

  142. I love this song, its so powerfull and amazing. But I dont like him at all,
    and am I saying HIM (not HER) because he is a man, and he is ridiculous.
    Ok,I get the fact that he loves to dress like a women, he acts like women,
    but that beard?? WTH? Trying to be different? Well dude you are different,
    you are a transvestite.

  143. i have one ask: Was this song was sung correctly, in technical terms?
    in start i say i dont like this type voice, and i dont want assessed
    through the prism of the appearance of a person

  144. can half the pricks in europe even listen to the song rather than just
    stare at her beautiful face?

  145. thanks my God that at me in the country is considered it nasty thing. I am
    proud of that that I Russian I am proud that I live in Russia

  146. people with differencies… what a nice definition, btw AIDS had appeared
    only because of such people with differencies, so the conclusion rests on
    the surface… nothing left to say

  147. People are saying that she shouldn’t have kept the beard. Maybe for Thomas
    the beard is a security thing when he performs as Conchita? I understand it
    is probably for the attention but no one knows.

    Her vocals are amazing! That’s one set of lungs! I only heard one slightly
    dodgy note but I think that was just nerves at the beginning. The visuals
    were great and fit well.

    I understand that I’ll probably get some bad abuse for writing this but
    Conchita winning has been a massive milestone in the world for diversity
    and acceptance.

    God loves EVERYONE, including the gays! If he hated the gays, why did he
    make them that way!

  148. Beautiful song – I could imagine laying down my bearded woman and letting
    my beard nestle in his under beard as she stoked a roaring fire that he had
    started. Together we would discuss grooming tips and massage oils from chop
    to moustache, letting it drip onto a bearskin made of Russian flags and
    then make sweet , gentle, confusing love.

  149. He has amazing voice, he’s really talented and orginal. I like him, he’s
    just a drag queen, a man dressed as a women, what’s wrong with this? lmao
    in the world there are a lot of drag queens. He deserved for win.

  150. Before listening to this song I saw Conchita’s photos and I was highly
    doubtful that song is any good, and I was ready to get angry, post some
    furious comments, after listening to this tho I was stunned, what an
    amazing song, great lighting, I listen to this song 10 times since then. It
    shows how prejudiced we still are and the year is 2014! anyway I learned my
    lesson, I got slapped back to reality. I hope more people felt more the way
    I did.

  151. After all the contreversy, I wanted to check this out by myself because I
    love music. Yes, she has a suprising look but I must admit it : the talent
    is here. This performance was great so the rest just doesn’t matter.

  152. Let’s be honest, she did not win because of that song, we all know why she
    won. Next year someone will just sing in a wheelchair and people would feel
    bad for them and vote for that country. There has not been a great winner
    since 2006, when Lordi blew the place up. That was also the only time I had
    ever voted.

  153. I don’t understand.. I’m Gay…. why because I am a Man who loves Men more
    than Women. I don’t like men that are half women, trans or drag artists
    „HOW IS CONCHITA REFERED TO AS GAY“…. I actually don’t see Conchita Wurst
    as sexual in any shape and form I see him as an oddity, I kinda tilt my
    head and squint my eyes, and then I’m just like weird never seen that
    before and move on, because I like housey hipstery music and Lily Allen
    more than theatrical O.T.T, acts. If anybody sees Conchita Wurst as sexual
    or even makes a derogatory statement, then they have the problem… and
    something happened to to them as a child that makes project their
    negativity or maybe they haven’t come to terms with who they are and maybe
    they are actually hiding that they are „homo“? I don’t understand, how
    bout living by the rule of if you can’t say anything good don’t say
    anything at all. Life will be much simpler…Keep Calm And Carry On People

  154. So many insecure people in the comments that feel the need to talk down
    about others gender and sexuality to make them feel good about themselves

  155. so let me get this… straight..
    If I come out next year with a cucumber up my ass and talk about
    love, peace and unity.. am I acceptable by all you.. evolved beings?

  156. The lyrics don’t say nothing about gender .. I understand that is referring
    to these bad experiences and frustration that we have to deal with it.

  157. To be honest the song is beautiful and his voice aswell and the dress is
    amazing only thing to dislike is not that he is a transgender, its
    everyones right to choose their lifestyle Allah is there to judge not us ,
    only problem is that now that he’s famous he’s a rolemodel aswell for
    generations to come and this is how our world is being destroyed by looking
    up to the wrong people , exactly this is how the demoralization works so im
    not really fine with this.

  158. seriously, all of these mean comments are totally unnecessary. Dont look at
    her, just listen to this amazing voice. I am half Austrian. I would much
    rather my country be known for Conchita than be know for Hitler. Guys what
    is this world coming to? Judging someone because of their looks, their
    sexuality? its sick. Hitler didnt want people being different. All of you
    hating on her because her sexuality/looks are just like him! seriously it
    is wrong.

  159. Why is she keeping the beard? None of my business but is there an LGBTish
    message? She looks like Jesus in a dress xD But sadly she chose to abandon
    being a he. He would’ve been reeeeeeeeeally hot! <3

  160. I like the meaning of the song. However, someone could have sang it better.
    I think the gender blending is a smart idea even though he does not have
    to. But I understand the point it makes. Good for conchita because Europe
    and world wide has more do in the gay rights aspect.

  161. He won. You all need to get over it; let the word progress. I notice most
    of the negative comments come from old men — how surprising. Are you mad
    because your dick is confused?

  162. Honestly He/She has the biggest balls out of all of us.
    To go out as she wants to be in front of millions of homophobic people in
    europe is incredible

  163. Why do people still care what others are doing in their lives? There are
    too many people in the world to get mad at every little aspect you find
    „strange“. Get used to it, It’s part of being an adult.

  164. I feel good for her. A deserving winner, the song was one of the better
    ones in the contest. My only question is if she wants to be a woman, why
    the beard? A beard is one of the most unwomanly things that exist. That’s
    the part that just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  165. Not that I watch TV, but this guy doesn’t have a good sing voice – did they
    vote for him for a laugh? Maybe, let’s be honest, Eurovision is crap TV –
    and it always has been. In any case, good-luck to him, if he manages to
    earn money from his win.

    iiiii] : )

  166. Eurovision generally turned to crap. Too many flashing lights, performance
    is always weird nowadays. It’s not even interesting anymore when nations
    that hardly even belong to the european continent are competing inside it
    somehow. It’s all performed on brute force just to impress millions of
    deceived people. It’s a brainpoisoning. I’m more concerned about the point
    Eurovision is sending than the content in it.

  167. So Europe was taken by an austrian freak with funny face hair, Poland was
    sold by the british and lost badly in spite of winning many battles on all
    fronts…What else is new.:)

    NUMBERS!! -_-

  169. Wait – Don’t we live in the 21st century? Why are people hating a gay
    person? What’s so bad about it? And, why on a fucking music-video? Shut up
    and enjoy the music! However that artist looks, his voice is amazing.

  170. Why so many dislikes? You should give prejudices aside and listen to his
    voice. I am neither pro or against homosexuality but I appreciate people
    for their talents not for their looks. And another thing: americans who
    criticize Eurovision, look first at your continents then at our.

  171. I really don’t get it. Why do East-European countries just not get the fact
    the gay people and dragqueens are normal? We are living in 2014 people, not
    1914. The most important is the music, not the looks.

  172. Look into his eyes, its roaring with courage and determination. The way he
    locks eyes with the camera is like he’s telling you that he has overcome
    his fears. The whole idea of dressing up as a female and wearing a beard is
    to mark his presence and place as an individual (Gay transgender) His
    appearance is both satisfying and reassuring and that is why you now call
    him ‚the woman with a beard who is not really a woman‘ His appearance is
    now impaled in your mind. I applaud his bravery. Bless him.

  173. This song, Conchita, Eurovision are an insult to human kind and all the
    traditional values. It’s another sign of the end times we are living in and
    it symbolizes the rise of the antichrist! Somebody throw some holy water on
    this poor soul!